Put a beautiful lamp on your ceiling and grow many wonderful trees in a new forest …

You see things, and you say ‘Why?’
But I dream things that never were, and I say ‘Why not?’ 

George Bernard Shaw

Put a beautiful lamp on your ceiling and grow many wonderful trees in a new forest …

We believe that the only way to a sustainable future is an economy that uses our consumption society itself as a climate and wildlife restoration tool.


You see things, and you say ‘Why?’
But I dream things that never were, and I say ‘Why not?’ 

George Bernard Shaw

Create to change…

Studio Why Not is the producer of the beautiful Woodflower lamps in The Netherlands. Our dream is to build a future, where manufacturers of all kinds of goods generally support the expansion of nature and wildlife on our planet, and the creation of our consumer products will only be like picking some fruit from that process.

That is why for each lamp we sell, depending on the chosen model, we immediately plant two, three or even four trees as a contribution to reforestation projects with a reliable track record. These growing trees are not only completely compensating the carbon emissions caused by the electricity consumption of the lamps through their whole lifetime, but also create new wildlife habitat which is just as important as counteracting climate challenge. Our lamps themselves are made of wood from sustainably maintained forests, and produced using 100% clean energy to assure, that even the ”little fruit that we pick” cause no remaining environmental damage in any ways. 

’’ There is nothing either good or bad but thinking  makes it so… ’’

Most people think about consumption society as something fundamentally negative. However, nature itself is the greatest consumption society of all.

Billions of creatures, plants and animals are fighting for food, territory, resources, sex and survival. Not a single of them makes his choices based on the global environmental impact of his actions. Strangely in place of destruction, it created all the beauties of this planet and turned a hot, smoky, toxic stone ball, into a finely balanced living paradise. 

If nature could do this purely by its simple rules and without any apparent conscious control, it is very unlikely that we, more or less consciously thinking highly sophisticated ’’supermonkeys’’ could not turn our society into the same direction. Simply by doing the same.

What are the brilliant solutions of nature?

Nature did not create  animals, that replant the plants that they consume and  photosynthesize to be carbon neutral. The impact that animals cause to their environment is compensated by growing  lots of plants and huge forests on land, and by growing seaweed and phytoplankton in water.

Businesses, just like animals, can not operate with completely zero negative environmental impact. What they can do, is supporting the expansion of forests and wildlife on a large enough scale so that the sum of their activities will be largely beneficial for the planet. When a large enough part of our future enterprises will act that way, our natural environment and our society will only get better and better from itself. 

At Studio Why Not, we are not naive to see the downsides of human nature, but we are confident that all people are fundamentally good, and if the right recipes are spread, eventually the better side will dominate, as it always happened in human history.

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