The beauty of your habitat creates nature’s habitat…

Carbon neutral lighting | More space for wildlife   | Lowering CO2 concentration

Woodflower XL
<— Ø900mm —>

plant four trees
create 25m2 forest
remove 2 tons of CO2

Woodflower L
<— Ø750mm —>

plant three trees
create 18m2 forest
remove 1,5 tons of CO2

Woodflower S
<— Ø600mm —>

plant two trees
create 12m2 forest
remove 1 ton of CO2

Going beyond the limits of environmentally friendly solutions…

When you purchase  a single piece of our creations, depending on the model that you choose, we can immediately plant up to 4 trees creating around 25m2 new forest surface as a result of your contribution.

Only by choosing  the most natural materials, renewable energy and clean-tech production techniques we still would not do anything useful for our planet.
Such solutions are a good begin but on their own will never can compete with the positive environmental impact of creating more space for wildlife. That is why we do the combination of both on a scale, that our lamps can make positive environmental impact immediately in the year of their production. 

Positive impact that increases every year >>

Positive impact that increases every year…

Most companies try to be environmentally neutral by planting a few trees that might compensate their activities today over 50-100 years. That is not much more than greenwashing. The positive impact of businesses must be drastically better. That is why for each lamp that we sell, depending on the model at least two, three or four trees will be planted. 

That is not only enough to immediately compensate the very low, but not zero environmental footprint of our production activities. It can also completely offset the annual greenhouse emissions caused by the energy consumption of the light bulbs in our lamps, but most of all the newly created forests will be new habitat for wildlife while lowering greenhouse concentration each year more and more for decades as the trees grow larger and larger.  

Environmentally friendly production >>

What does environmentally friendly production mean for us?

  • We use overwhelmingly organic materials that originate from recently absorbed atmospheric CO2.
  • We purchase materials from certified sustainable resources, where more environment is getting restored than exploited.
  • We apply production processes and technologies that use 100% renewable energy. 
  • We avoid pointless styling elements and apply our poetic design approach to create timelessly meaningful objects.