Pointless styling… 

Unfortunately most modern products of our times are designed according to the ”pointless styling” strategy. It means that they are created without remarkable intelligent ideas behind. 

Such products may  look pretty and interesting at first sight, but because there is no real intelligent message, they look boring and out of fashion after we get used to the fancy forms. These products are like people who speak beautifully, saying nothing.  This is the main reason why people throw away many things way before the end of their useful lifetime.

Or timelessly meaningful …

Design is the communication of intelligent thoughts, and timeless thoughts will make products timelessly actual.

[ The form of the mirror of the James Webb space telescope was one of the inspirations for the Woodflower lamp ] 
Photo: NASA

The world around us, people, nature, arts and science are providing every day lots of fascinating things to think about. Everything that makes us wonder can be a reason to create something beautiful and new.

Products need to have values, wherefore people can enjoy using them every day for a long-long time. Good design is 100% functional, but it is also like an abstract poetic sculpture. If  the product had no function at all, it still should look fascinating and interesting because of the meaningful concept, the form and the composition itself.

Visual Poetry … 

Poetry means telling fascinating thoughts in a fascinating way.

Design is just the same, but the words are replaced with forms and the sentences are replaced with the composition of the object. As most poems have multiple meanings and they can be interpreted many ways, the most interesting design objects are also more than what you see at the first sight.